behind the scenes of Kitua Fortune



I can live with it
Wait till tomorrow comes
Dream of a life in the sun
Slowing down can be fun

One day we’ll get away from it
Wake to the birdsong
Chill the whole day long
Turn off and never switch back on

We can be better
There’s nothing to it at all
Better what-ever - When we
jump into the fall
Leaving forever
The dream is yours to call
Better whenever we jump into the fall 

Wanna lay down some roots
Feel real earth round my feet
Grow whatever I eat
We can drink until we sleep

Let's breathe the oceans air
Let's lay in the sun
and grow our garden
Turn off and never switch back on

One of the first tracks written for this project it first came to life when we were demoing ideas in a cabin in the woods. the first half of the song came together super quickly that day with the main chords and synths sounds being played from one laptop into another. We subsequently lost the synth sound that started the song and have been on a quest to recover it ever since!

The second half of the song came at a later date, probably 6 months later. All four of us sat in Hugh’s small bedroom studio in Bethnal Green, Rudi, played the acooutsic guitar part and it all stemed from there. Each of us adding parts until the end of the song made sense. 

The lyrical theme was solidified early on encapsulating the idea of letting your thoughts wonder off away from day to day life. This dicated the musicallity of the track, going off onto a journey, changing course as your thoughts often do when you daydream.



Been lost for hours looking round
Search for nothing till it’s found - somewhere hanging out
What’s the point - whats the news
can’t think straight it’s far too soon
  lost for days inside my brain
It’s quite nice here  -  despite the rain

Now it feels like we’re over coming
Stuck in circles - like I’m an island
Falling forward and into nothing
my eyes
Are open wide 

forget the way it used to feel
Not a clue if that was real - take me back again
You turned your head and looked at me before you smiled and said
we should get away  

Close your eyes shut off the world
Give it up
The last I heard 

This one is a look at wasting hours, particularly after a breakup, you can lose your sense of time and perspective. There is a quote by a poet - Phillip Larkin, who says ‘what are days for, days are where we live’. Taking this quote and applying it to hours created a poignant image. This song is also a reminder to be kind to yourself when you’re feeling shitty, hanging out with friends drinking coffee, walking dogs and catching up with yourself is something easily forgotten if you let it.

In dreams I’ve fallen // Down deep into the cavern // Just a lapse in concentration and I’m gone // Long gone
I feel the breeze up against me // Right now it's my only enemy // Up here just my balance and me // And I’m gone // Long gone

I don’t do it for the danger // Just do it so that I know that i’m alive
Every second i feel stronger // The only time i ever feel awake is when i’m this high
Every sound now is an echo // Every breath is an effort to control 
Don’t look down cause it’s too low // I’m in the middle and right now i cannot let go

You beg me not to go out again // I tell you just one more i can call it the end
I know it’s hard to understand // watching a rope hold my life in its hand
It’s just too hard to explain // how I feel when i’m at the top of my game
Can't truly feel alive // without a daily struggle to survive

Too long // with my head lost in these clouds
movin on // seems my only way is down
We’re all falling in our own way // back down to earth
cause falling through empty space can never hurt


I never thought that I’d be coming home to nothing 
We sit and wait hours ticking over day by day
How you spend your time
Will be the story of your life
Have you ever thought about what they’ll say

There’s got to be another way
There’s got to be another way
There’s got to be another way
Cause I won’t last until till the end

There’s got to be another way
There’s got to be another way
There’s got to be another way
I can’t seem to face
The fade away

I’ll kill you with all the love I can find inside
Express as thoughts and words what you do- what you say
I could talk for hours
About how we could spend your life
Would it do anything, anyway?

In the end there’s only laughter
All the people that you loved and care for
Everyday we’re getting stronger
We’re the ones who are coming at your borders
Was there a time
We stood together ?
Fleeting moments, the spark on the rivers
On the rise
We can be seen there
Every second now is how you are remembered

The process of spending time creating art and how it will outlive you. Pointless or immortalising. I think it’s one of the best things we can do as humans. The art created around a time in history gives a sense of what it was like to experience and live through, it gives a human context to the culture and at the same time influences and creates the fabric that is the culture.

Remembering what is important in life - those who are around you and valuing that