The video for Kitua happened very spontaneously, we were at a photo shoot with long time collaborated & friend Jordan Woods, found a filter on instagram and shot everything in an hour. 


Kitua Fortune is about reality being a weird place to live. Being a human brain is strange. There’s a sense of chaos to taking everything in and making sense of it. The song is an encouragement to embrace and allow this chaos.

First verse is about communicating with someone else who sees the world in the same way you do. Like minds create a crazy jungle of thoughts that grow together. The chorus is about living in the moment, not forcing anything and living with balance. Verse 2 is about being able to think about things that exist as concepts. Time as a flowing ocean is an easy and beautiful thing to think of, but it’s a uniquely human thing to have the ability to do this.

Overall, the most important thing is the outlook. The process of looking back at memories, taking in the idea of the moment and looking forward to the future. It’s up to you how you experience reality.

Kitua fortune ~ manifesting the reality you want.


I see a jungle
Inside your eyes
Getting more tangled
And coming alive
Give me some signals
What do you feel
Everyone’s looking
Could it real

I see your head move down
I saw the sun move out 

  I feel
The only way to be
Let fortune come to me
I see
such a fine line
But I can see the signs

I feel an ocean
flowing through time
Maybe the chaos
Was the design
I think it happened
I think it’s strange
Me and you right now
And this is the way

I know the secret’s out
So that’ll do for now

What life do you look for
To keep your fortune free
Let’s follow the glowing light
Cause it’s all that we know
We love the glowing skies
On a starry night