︎ Volleyball are members of The Rattle, a network of creatives who seek to innovate and invent.

The hive-mind structure aims to forge a disruptive route which works in the favour of creators, rejuvenating towards a healthier creative eco system.

This community consists of 150 hand picked members from 10,000+ applicants- based within two labs [LA and London], creating anything from music, films, games, technology, 3-d printed food, NFTs and more.

THE RATTLE [creators] are supported by THE RATTLE SOCIETY. This has been created to bound together the group of people who believe in the mission of The Rattle. People who believe in the importance of innovation, who want to support creativity within a new model. People who believe that music can work better for artists - specifically in relation to us.

There is one way to gain access, by investing in a token.

The token takes the form of an NFT, but with a real world use. A purchase can be made with ETH or £$. The value of this token is linked to its utility - which grows over time. As the profile of the community expands, so does the value of the coin. They all provide access to the hive mind of The rattle, exclusive content drops from creators and access to in person events across the globe. 

Purchases are 150% offset towards the environmental cost of minting an NFT.

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Any questions - ask us or phone jon, he’s a founder of the rattle [number // email]