Volleyball present ‘WowSos’ [Water on Water, Sun on Sun], their latest release packed with a vivid sonic heat to outlast the London summer. A delicious offering that ressurects the guitar into a fresh new realm. A doorway into the forward facing psych movement, the textured guitars, exacting pop hooks and idiosyncratic production bring a devastating and effortless immediacy. Volleyball speak to those longing for fresh blood in the current world of headlining bands.

The mini album of 6 songs contemplates the profound tie we have to the sun, we are inescapably knitted through our existence. It is an inherently surreal image that we are floating on a rock around a big fire, hurtling through space. It’s astonoshilngly easy to forget and gets weirder and funnier, the more you delve into this thought. It’s a reminder to go outside and turn your computer off. It’s a reminder that we come from the same place. It’s a reminder we are one. It’s a reminder to enjoy yourself.